An ocularist is a carefully trained technician skilled in the arts of fitting, shaping, and painting ocular prostheses (artificial eyes). In addition to creating it, the ocularist shows the patient how to handle and care for the prosthesis, and provides long-term care through periodic examinations.

“Stock” or “ready-made” ocular prostheses are mass-produced. Since a “stock eye” is not made for any particular person, it doesn’t fit any particular patient. A “custom” ocular prosthesis, on the other hand, is made by your ocularist to fit you and you alone.

Freund Brothers offers an opportunity to work directly with a Board Certified Ocularist to craft a custom ocular prosthesis (artificial eye) made specifically to fit your needs, in a location convenient to those near Atlantic City, New Jersey. For more information regarding an appointment, please contact us at 609.927.0990.  

For general information regarding ocularistry, visit http://www.ocularist.org, the source of much of the information above.